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American research scholar Steven Vose visits library in Malpura Dadabadi

Malpura, Rajasthan, India, November 26, 2010

Steven Vose looking for books in Malpura library

 Pennsylvania scholar reading at library, Malpura Dadabadi

An American research scholar Steven Vose visited library in Malpura Dadabadi on November 26, 2010. Steven Vose is conducting research on Khartar Gachchh Acharya Sri Jinprabha Suri. Steven is a post graduate from Harward University and persuading his Ph. D degree from Pennsylvania University in the US. His topic includes Dada Jin Kushal Suri too. He visited Kekdi and Malpura Dadabadi along with Jyoti Kothari. He also expressed his willingness to a long stay in Malpura Dadabadi to extend his studies

 Sri Jinprabha Suri is a 14th century Jain Acharya belonging to Laghu Khartar Shakha. He is contemporary to Dada Jin Kushal Suri. Jinprabha Suri influenced Mohammad Bin Tuglak, the then Sultan of Delhi. He is among the most famous and influencing Acharya of Khartar Gachchh.

It is worth noted that several European and American scholars are interested in the history and literature of Khartar Gachchh. James Laidlaw, Cambridge University, UK; Josephine Reynell, Oxford University, UK; Lawrence Alan Babb, Massachusetts University, USA; John Cort, Dennison University, USA are few to name. 

"Absent Lord" by Alan Babb is included in the catalog of Khartar Gachchh literature.

It is worth to develop Malpura a study center of Jain and Jainism especially Khartar Gachchh.

Pennsylvania scholar Steven Vose visits Jaipur Jain temples


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