Khartar Gachchh

 Jain community is divided into several sects, clans and groups. Swetambar Jain community is further categorized into Murti Pujak and Sadhumargi. There are several Gachchh in Murtipujak sect.
Khartar Gachchh is the oldest existing Gachchh among Swetambar Jain community.

Acharya Sri Jineshwar Suri defeated Chaityavasi Acharya in a religious debate in the court of  Durlabhraj, King of Anhilpur Patan and established that the deeds of Chaityavasi were not confirming to original Jain texts. Durlabhraj awarded  title of Khartar to Acharya Jineshwar Suri. Khartar Gachchh came into existence since then.

Khartar Gachchh has produced large numbers of Acharya, Upadhyay and saints in the last one thousand years. Abhay Dev Suri, Ballabh Suri, Jin Prabh Suri, Upadhyay Samaysundar, Upadhyay Srimad Devchand, Adyatmayogi Anandghan are few among them. "Dadagurudev" is the most famous and popular title in Khartar Gachchh. There were four Dadagurudev Jin Dutta Suri, Masnidhari Jin Chandraa Suri, Jin Kushal Suri and Jin Chandraa Suri.