Sunday, 18 September 2011

Facts about Malpura

There is an ill publicity since few days about Malpura Dadabadi.Some people are doing propaganda that the original "Charan" is removed from its place. It is far beyond the fact  The original "Charan". is well in its place and nothing happened to it.

There was "Vilepan" (Coating pearls) over the Charan. This is a well recognized process in Jain traditions to protect old statues, idols etc.However, some people were not happy with this Vilepan. Looking in to people perception the "Vilepan" has been removed and the Charan has regained its old status.

Large numbers of people are visiting Malpura continually and paying their homage to dada Jin Kushal Suri. Please visit Malpura and pay homage to the reverend Dadaguru dev.

You can see Hindi version and photos taken after removal of Vilepan beneath.


 Malpura Charan after removal of Vilepan

Pakshal of Malpura Charan after removing Vilepan       

Jyoti Kothari


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