Friday, 1 March 2013

Jain Research and Study Center in Jaipur taking pace

Jain Research and Study Center in Jaipur (under Jain University project) is now taking pace. Sri Jain Shwetambar Khartar Gachchh Sangh has set its goal to create it like Nalanda and Taksheela.

A meeting of seven members' permanent committee held recently under the Chairmanship of Dr. M L Mehta, former Chief Secretary, Rajasthan at Vichakshan Smriti Bhawan to discuss related issues. The committee has decided to appoint Dr Shiv Prasad, an eminent Jain scholar, to look after the center. It is also decided that Research Center is the first priority and Univbersity will be founded later on.

The Center will start a lecture series inviting various Jain scholars. These lectures will be held every month at different colonies of Jaipur. The first lecture will be at Mahavira sadhana kendra, Jawaharnagar on March 3, 10 AM.

Several other core issues were also discussed in the meeting attended by
Dr. M L Mehta
Dr. C S Barla
Sri Surendra Golechha
Sri Surendra Bothra
Sri Kamal Chand Surana and
Sri Jyoti Kothari .

Dr. Sagarmal Jain could not attend the meeting.

On way to Nalanda and Taksheela
Jain Research and Study Center, Jaipur: Progress path
Jyoti Kothari


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