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Jain unity in Paryushan at Shivjiram Bhavan, Jaipur

Paryushan 2013 program Jain unity
Jain Unity in Paryushan 2013 Program poster 

Jain unity in Paryushan at Shivjiram Bhavan, Jaipur

Sri Jain Shwetambar Khartar Gachh Sangh, Jaipur is pioneering Jain unity in observing Paryushan this year 2013. PP Mahopadhyay Sri Lalitprabh Sagar Ji, Chandraprabh Sagar Ji and Shantipriya Sagar ji Maharaj.are observing their chaturmas under the banner of Khartar Sangh. They have been delivering their discourses at SMS ground since July 21 along with Digambar Jain saint Tarunsagarji Maharaj. This is the best effort made by anyone at any place for Jain unity.

Khartar Gachchh Sangh is further extending the agenda of Jain unity by inviting other Shwetambar and Digambar Jain ascetics during holy festival of Paryushan 2013 being organized between September 2 to 9, Digambar Jain saint Tarunsagarji Maharaj has already consented to join the festival at Shivji Ram Bhavan, HQ of the Sangh. He will be here on the first and last day of Paryushan

Another Digambar Jain ascetic Balacharya Sri Siddhasen Ji Maharaj pupil of Acharya Sri Bahubali ji Maharaj will join us on September 4 and 5 along with two Aryika  Mataji (female ascetics). Sri Suresh Muni, Swetambar Jain Terapanth sect, will bless the Paryushan at Shivjiram Bhavan on September 3. Poojya Sadhvi Sri Narendra Sri Ji Maharaj of Tapagachchh has consented to join us on September 6. We are in touch with few other Jain ascetics observing Chaturmas in Jaipur to invite them in Paryushan 2013 this year. 

We wish more and more Jain ascetics from different Jain sects will join us on Paryushan showing Jain unity, the very purpose of the whole program. Paryushan is the festival of forgiveness which increases compassionate love among all creatures. Jain ascetics are symbol of Kshama and Karuna. Hence, uniting Jain saints together will definitely propagate love and compassion in the whole world.  

Sri Jain Shwetambar Khartar Gachh Sangh, Jaipur has been putting efforts towards Jain unity during Paryushan and during the whole Chaturmas this year. We hope, other Sanghs in India and worldwide will join the campaign and work for Jain unity. We also believe that Jain ascetics, Poojya Acharya, Upadhyay, Sadhu and Sadhvi Ji maharaj belonging to all Jain sects can play a vital role in propagating Jain unity. It will further strengthen our religious, spiritual and social status.  

Let us hope for the best in this Paryushan and Chaturmas.

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