Thursday, 21 October 2010

Siddhachakra Mahapujan and Navpad Puja in Malpura Dadabadi

Navpad Oli (Ayambil Oli) festival is being celebrated in Malpura Dadabadi with Enthusiasm.Large numbers of people from different parts of India are observing Ayambil to worship Navpad (Navpad Oli). A three days' special program of Pujas is organized in these occasion.

Siddhachakra Mahapujan was conducted yesterday, the seventh day of Navpad Oli. The Mahapujan was conducted in The Vasupujya Swami temple in the Dadabadi campus. Param Pujya Sadhwi Sri Chandrakala Sri Ji and Maniprabha Sri Ji also attended the program.

The Puja was conducted with gorgeous decoration of Siddhachakra Mandal. Dasot family of Tonk sponsored this program. Jyoti Kothari, conducted rituals and explained importance of Siddhachakra, Navpad and Siddhachakra Mandal. He explained that Navpad alias Siddhachakra is the main cause of liberation, enlightenment as well as earthly fortune. This is also the principle and root cause of all spirituality.

Vidhikarak Premchand Srisrimal assisted him in conducting rituals and performing pujan. Mahila Mandal of Balaghat and Sangeet mandal of Pali performed musical sessions of devotional songs. The entire program was held on October 20, 2010.

Navpad Puja, sponsored by Sri Ratichand Bothra, Azimganj,  was organized on October 21. Mahila Mandal, Balaghat participated actively in this Pujan. It was the eighth day of Navpad Oli.


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