Monday, 7 February 2011

 Param Pujya Sadhwi Sri Maniprabha Sri Ji Maharaj will leave Shivjiram Bhawan 7 AM tomorrow February 8. She will move to Dadabadi via Multan Mandir and will stay there for the whole day. She will go to Pungalia jain temple, station road on 9th and to Aradhna Bhawan, Shyamnagar on 10th.

Pujya Sadhwi Ji will come to Sangaer Dadabadi on 11th and will start for Malpura on 12th. Pujya sadhwiji will accompanied by all but 4 of her disciples. Four of her disciples will stay in Shivjiram Bhawan, Jaipur till April.

PP Maniprabha Sri ji Maharaj came to Jaipur in May 2010 and stayed for Chaturmas in Malpura Dadabadi. 9 of her disciples stayed in Jaipur. She came back from Malpura to Jaipur and had been staying here since December.

Shilanyas of Adinath Jain temple has been accompolished under her auspices on January 31, 2011.

 मणिप्रभा श्री जी महाराज का जयपुर से विहार कार्यक्रम
Jyoti Kothari


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