Thursday, 29 March 2012

Navpad Oli in Jaipur

Navpad Oli has begun today on March 29, 2012. This is Chitra Oli another one is observed in Ashwina. Sri Jain Shwetambar Khartar Gachchh Sangh, Jaipur has been organizing the auspicious Jain festival in the auspices of Sadhvi Suyasha Sri Ji, Praguna Sri Ji and Viratiyasha  Sri Ji at Vichakshan Bhawan. Worshipers, both male and female are observing all rituals (Kriya) at Vichakshan Bhawan.

There is arrangement for Ayambil at Amil Khata in Shivjiram Bhawan.  Sri Suresh Mutha family has sponsored "Ayambil" for all followers.

 Navpad Oli has a great significance in Jainism. Jain community worship Navpad during  nine days of Navpad Oli. It began on Chaitra Shukla Shashthi and will end on Chaitra Shukla Purnima, April 6, 2012.   Daily Pujan and all Vidhi Vidhan are going on about Navpad Oli is being celebrated.

A good number of devotees are observing Ayambil Tap to worship Navpad alias Siddhachakra.

Jyoti Kothari


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