Monday, 3 June 2013

Jaipur Chaturmas Lalitprabh Sagar and Chandraprabh Sagar

Chaturmas: PP Sri Lalitprabh Sagarji and Chandraprabh Sagarji along with their pupil Shantipriya Sagar Ji Maharaj sahab will observe their Chaturmas at Vichakshan Bhawan, Johri Bazar, Jaipur this year 2013. They will be leaving Jodhpur soon after completing meditation camp at Samvodhi Dham. They are expected to leave Jodhpur on June 9 after a speech at Medical college.

They will reach Jaipur in the second or third week of July 2013 via Byabar and Ajmer. There will be Pravachanmala in both the cities. They will speak in fron of general public at Jawahar Sabhagar in Byabar between June 22 and 25. Public speech of both these great orators will be organized in Ajmer from June 29 to July 7. Both the Jain monks are great orators attracting large crowds in their speeches. Though they belong to Khartar Gachchh sect of Shwetambar Jain community they used to have crowds from all human race regardless of cast and creed.

They preach art of life, personality development and peaceful living. They preach truly doctrines of Lord Mahavira. Both Sri Lalitprabh Sagarji and Chandraprabh Sagarji are Jain scholars. Besides, they are vastly learned and cover various relevant and current topics in their Pravachan.

Sri Jain Shwetambar Khartar Gachchh Sangh has arranged Dashara Maidan at adarshnagar area in Jaipur for their daily speeches to be delivered between July 21 and September 1. Dashara Maidan is a famous ground and has capacity of accommodating more than fifteen thousand people. Parking facilities are also available to park audience vehicles. An average of ten thousand people are expected in their daily speeches. We expect larger crowd in Sundays and holidays.

Sri Jain Shwetambar Khartar Gachchh Sangh, Jaipur is all set to organize their Chaturmas and speeches. All are invited. Digambar Jain monk Tarunsagar ji will also join them in Jaipur. We are trying to arrange joint Pravachan of both groups of Jain saints Swetambar and Digambar.

Great Jain orator saints Lalitprabh and Chandraprabh

Some of their videos are embedded here to view and listen speeches of Lalitprabh Sagar and Chandraprabh Sagar. 

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