Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Khartar Gachh Sangh extends hands for Jain unity

Sri Jain Shwetambar Khartar Gachh Sangh, Jaipur have extended their hands for Jain unity. The matter was decided in the executive committee meeting of the Sangh yesterday. The meeting was held to decide issues of Shwetambar- Digambar Jain saints' joint Chaturmas.

It is a well known fact that Khartar Gachh Sangh, Jaipur is organizing Chaturmas 2013 of great orator saints Mahopadhyay Sri Lalitprabh SagarJi Maharaj and Sri Chandraprabh SagarJi Maharaj. They had to stay at Shivjiram Bhawan/ Vichakshan Bhawan, Johri Bazar and deliver their speeches at Dashara Maidan, Adarshnagar.

Similarly Digambar Jain saint Muni Tarunsagar Ji Maharaj is also observing his Chaturmas in Jaipur. Both Khartar Gachh Sangh, Jaipur and Muni Tarunsagar Ji Chaturmas Samiti were trying for a joint Chaturmas to promote Jain unity based on a common program. Both group of saints arrived in consensus after few meetings with members of both the organizing committee.

An executive committee meeting of Khartar Gachh Sangh was called to decide the matters and issues. Several other prominent members of the Khartar Sangh including Sri Vimal Chand Surana, convener, Chaturmas samiti; Sri Prakash Lodha, Ex vice president of the Sangh, Anup Parakh, Ex joint secretary, Sri Vijay sacheti, Sri Hemchand Choradia, Sri Girdharilal Tank also attended the meeting.

Sri Mahendra Surana, Secretary, Sri Manak Kala, convener, and Sri Sumer Bothra, Executive member, Tarunsagar Chaturmas Samiti joined the members present and requested them to join hands. All they members discussed the issues and came to an agreement. The meeting passed resolution unanimously to go ahead.

There will be a joint entry to the Pink city on July 14, 2013. The procession will start from Ramniwas garden at 4 PM and proceed through Choura Rasta, Lal Bhawan, Tripolia towards Manak choupad. The procession will proceed from Badi Choupad after a short meeting there and will be completed at sanganeri gate via Atmanand Sabha Bhavan, Gheewalon ka rasta, Vichakshan Bhavan and Milap Bhavan. Monks and nuns from different sects of Shwetambar and Muni Tarunsagarji from Digambar Jain community will join the procession. It will be a great message of Shwetambar and Digambar Jain unity.

Mahopadhyay Sri Lalitprabh SagarJi Maharaj and Sri Chandraprabh SagarJi Maharaj of Khartar Gachchh and Digambar Jain Muni Tarunsagar ji will deliver Pravachan alternatively from July 21 to September 1 at SMS investment ground opposite Rambagh Palace hotel. The Sangh agreed to replace Pravachan place from Dashara ground. The Pravachan ground is far away from Shivjiram Bhavan. Hence, daily journey will not be possible for Sri Lalitprabh SagarJi Maharaj and Sri Chandraprabh SagarJi Maharaj from Shivjiram Bhawan. It was decided in the meeting that they will stay somewhere else near SMS investment ground. It was a big issue. However, Khartar Gachchh Sangh has generously permitted to stay outside Shivjiram Bhawan/ Vichakshan Bhavan for the greater cause of Jain unity.

Let us hope for a grand and historic Chaturmas where great orator saints of both Digambar and Shwetambar Jain community will deliver their speeches from a common platform. This is happening first time in the history that saints of both the community will deliver their great speeches for such a long time (41 days).

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